Dashboards provide an ‘at a glance’ view of key metrics and exceptions. Dashboards are available for selected components of the system.

Dashboard Selection

A number of Dashboards are highlighted below:

  • Fleet Metrics
  • Fleet Programs
  • Inspections by Type by Date
  • Inspections with Issues, Requiring Action
  • Issues
  • Reservations
High Level Fleet Metrics for Registrations, Issues, Licences, and Replacement Info.

Each dashboard widget is linked to an underlying report. Click on the widget and you will drilldown into supporting report data. For example, clicking on Open Issues on Fleet takes you to the Issues Report.

Issues Report showing Open Issues on Fleet Items

The Fleet Metrics by Category shows how complete your fleet data. By Category of Fleet it displays:

  • The Total number of fleet in that Category
  • No. with Licence defined – for Driver Licence verification
  • No. with Default Service Conditions – for Routine Maintenance
  • No. with Odometer Services Conditions
  • No. with Engine Hour Service Conditions
Fleet Metrics by Category
Fleet broken down by Group, by Depot, and Fuel Type Usage comparison.

Fleet Programs Dashboard

Fleet Program Estimated Costs for Future Program Years
Graphic of Fleet Replacement Progress for Future Years


Inspections by Inspection Type by Date. Shows the number of Inspections of each Inspection Type completed each day.
Of the Inspections created over a time period, this dashboard shows the number that had Issues / Defects identified. And the number that are still Open.

A key outcome of performing Inspections, such as Driver Pre-Start Checklists, is to record any vehicle issues or defects identified during the Inspection.

Issues can be manually created by the user performing the Inspection, or they can be automatically generated based on the user responses to the Inspection questions.

Once created, Issues can be Actioned to rectify the identified defect. The Inspections with Issues dashboard highlights any outstanding defects that have not been actioned. The Action Required Dashboard provides historical data on the number of Inspections performed that result in Action Required.


Number of Issues created by Issue Type by Day.
Generic breakdown of Issues by Status, Type, Priority, and Severity.


Reservations by Reservation Type by Date
Reservations by Status at Pickup Date. Useful for tracking Cancellations and non fulfillments.
Generic Reservations metrics by Duration, by Customer, by Category of Fleet requested.